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Tube End Facing Machines - 1625

Tube End Facing Machines - 1625
Tube Facing Machines - Cutting Bits
Light weight and compact machine for facing, beveling and weld preparation on all materials including stainless steel, duplex, inconel and others. One operator performs weld preparations safely, accurately and quickly vs. the slow and cumbersome grinding operation. Easy to handle and quick to setup. It is used for jobs in restricted access areas. Used in shutdown environments on condensers and heat exchangers.
Drive Pneumatic Electric
Locking Range (mm) 20 - 42 20 - 42
Idal Speed (RPM) 240 178
Torque (Nm) 27.5 45.0
Feeding Stroke (mm) 23 23
Pneumatic Power (HP) 0.45 -
Air Consumption (cfm) 16 -
Air Pressure (psi) 90 -
Electric Power (watts) - 59.5
Weight (kg) 4.5 5.5