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DA Series Base Bolt Tensioner


The wind mill bolting applications has its own restrictions for use of tools due poor open working environment and restricted space for application. Towers are high and pneumatic supply is normally not practical for tools. Tools required must be light in weight compact in size and must use energy source readily available at site.

We have two types of tensioners for WIND MILL Applications i.e. DA Series and CAT Series. The 700 bar “DA Series” are specially designed for Base Bolt applications, while the “CAT Series”, 1500 bar tensioners are for versatile applications from Tower Base to Turbine Blades.



  • Double Acting Design: The double acting action of load cell helps in fast and automatic return of the piston thus making the operation very safe, easy and fast.
  • 700 Bar Working Pressure: The 700 bar working pressure to facilitate the operation using standard Electrical Power-pack, used for hydraulic torque wrenches thus reducing inventory.
  • Versatile Sizes: Can be used for Metric, Imperial and William Threads by changing to required puller.
  • Hard Chrome Plating: The cylinder of DA Series tensioner is hard chrome plated for better corrosion resistance and long working life at rough working environment of wind farms.
  • Alloy Steel Construction: All parts are made from High Strength Alloy Steel better strength and compact. design.
  • Alloy Steel Construction: All parts are made from High Strength Alloy Steel for better safety factor and compact design.
  • Long Stroke: DA series tensioners are provisioned with 25mm long stroke for completion of bolt elongation in single pull.
NOTE: Customised design with different load capacity available to specific requirement.

Model Available

DA - 3639 To DA - 3336

Bolt Size Available

M30 To M36

Max Load

385 kN To 357 kN

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