Torqkit Tool Kits

Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners

Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners

POWERMASTER offers you an appropriate assortment of tools for industry, maintenance shops, service stations and garages, Supplied in TORQKIT heavy duty trolleys, tool boxes, or simply packed in convenient sets - according to your choice. Designed to meet the needs of professionals, so whatever tool you may need, we have the set to suit your specific requirements by standardization of most commonly used toolings. Compact Kits containing the required set of tools provide a time saving storage system as well as make it easy to handle.

Working with TORQKIT is making the task easier and the result safe as well as reliable.

TORQKIT Tool Kits are recommended for all kinds of workshops in the following industries

  • Automobiles
  • Sugar Plants
  • Boilers And Turbines
  • Refineries And Oil Rigs
  • Construction Equipment
  • Chemical And Fertilizers Plants
  • Nuclear Thermal Power Plants
  • Railway Workshops / Dumpers
  • Heavy Earth Moving Machinery

Standard Range Service Tool Sets

  • General Service Tool Kit
  • Mechanics Breakdown Tool Set
  • Super Maintenance Breakdown Tool Set
  • Basic Service Tool Kit
  • Electrician Tool Kit
  • Garage Mechanics Maintenance Tool Kit
  • General All-Purpose Handyman's Tool Kit
  • Fitter's Special Tool Kit
  • Machine Shop Maintenance Tool Set

Besides our normal range we can also supply Tool Kits to customer specifications