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Business Philosophy


Quality :

We will produce products equal to or better than the best available in the world. At the same time we also must provide our customers with added values.


Price :

Our prices would be among the most competitive available worldwide, adding value to the customer. Over the years we have saved Powermaster customers in over 120 countries hundreds of millions of dollars when compared to prices they have paid some of our competitors.


Delivery :

We use our price advantage to increase our inventory levels to an extent that higher cost manufacturers would find difficult to match. We ship out most orders the same day via UPS, FedEX or DHL to our customers worldwide so it reaches them within days of their order. Automated inventory control, web based ordering systems and flexible stocking programs available to Powermaster distributors enables the customer to receive Powermaster product in the shortest possible time frame.


Manufacturing :

We will strive toward being in the top 3 global volume producers of each product line we manufacture. If we are not already in the top 3 or cannot see our self in the top 3 in the foreseeable future, we will exit those product lines. Powermaster is already among the top 3 producers of its Tube Tool and Spring Balancer product lines worldwide. The journey is now on to grow our Bolting Tool product line and the Beveling and Facing Machine product lines to be among the top 3 volume producers worldwide.


Our Community :

We use over a hundred and twenty machine shops to manufacture components for us which we finally inspect and certify before taking up for assembly. This “asset light” business model has helped us scale up much faster than “asset heavy” competitors. There are over six hundred persons working in these shops who depend on Powermaster for their livelihood. We have a moral responsibility to make sure that they continue to receive more work and are paid on time. We pride ourselves on paying all our suppliers faster than most companies. They are part of the Powermaster family.


Our People :

Our employees are our greatest asset. Their knowledge is our greatest strength. We have and will continue to employ young persons give them opportunity to be as versatile as possible. Powermaster today is a combination of young dynamic talent and old hand experience. Over 340 employees across 12 facilities will ensure growth and dynamism in the years to come. Powermaster is what it is because of their hard work and dedication. Powermaster will strive to be “owner independent”, with professional managers taking all decisions and being responsible for their actions.

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