A trained team not only ensures safe and appropriate solution implementation but also enhance process efficiency of the organization.
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Powermaster offer hands on training on Bolting and In-situ Machining tools.

POWERMASTER tool trainings help the participant awareness of safe operations and maintenance issues while using various bolting and in-situ machining tools. This improves participant knowledge and leads to higher quality and sustainable cost reductions.

POWERMASTER’s Trained and Experienced specialists will gladly look in-depth at the applications you wish to use your tools for and provide you with tailored advice and team training as required.


Our comprehensive certified Training Center within the POWERMASTER facility as well as mobile training service at customer end.

This gives our clients the option of either using POWERMASTER equipment in our training center or onsite at client's facility giving trainees the benefit of learning on the actual equipment that they will be using on the job.

Customers prefer to conduct their training programs at POWERMASTER facility for its well-equipped infrastructure and training capabilities.



Technical Training

Customized training courses on Safe Bolting and Cold Cutting, as per client's application requirements training on safe and efficient job application and usage of equipment.

It emphasizes the importance of safe operation for applications in Oil and Gas Industry and Wind Industry.

ECITB Training


ECITB Training is the most efficient way to maintain joint integrity and empower the engineering workforce in a wide range of technical and professional disciplines for a safe and efficient bolting operation.

Technical Training

Companies now require certain levels of training for tool operators before they are permitted to work on the job. It may be a simple on-site training on safe and proper tool handling, or comprehensive classroom training by professionals.

POWERMASTER as OEM delivers training modules to match the suitability to different levels of customer's personnel - operators, supervisors, engineers and managers.

We also offer customized training programs as per requirement of customers based on their identified needs.

POWERMASTER's suite of Training Services is built on the sound principles of application based learning. Our team of bolting specialists offers the following courses (classroom/ onsite) with utmost effectiveness and efficiency-

Technical Training Includes:

  • Bolting concepts and technology.
  • Bolting terminology.
  • Joint integrity requirements.
  • Relationship between applied Load, torque and achieved values.
  • In-situ Cold Cutting and machining.
  • Safe use and maintenance of Tools.
  • Correct Tool selection.
  • Bolting applications in Oil and Gas Industry and Wind Industry.
  • Use of POWERMASTER Bolt Tightening Software.

Customers prefer to conduct their training programs at POWERMASTER's facility for its well-equipped infrastructure and training capabilities.

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ECITB Training (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board)




ECITB UK MJI Accredited Training

Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) Courses and technical tests are now available in India or at your premises.

POWERMASTER delivers training in controlled bolting in accordance with "Mechanical Joint Integrity Standards" document published by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

Approved training courses derived from the new ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity technical training standards cover isolations, dismantling techniques, inspection of components, alignment techniques and clamp connectors as well as assembly and tightening techniques in specialist critical bolting in various industrial sectors including oil and gas, power, renewable energy, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, wind mill industry and all other construction projects.

“ECITB” Mechanical Joint Integrity Training and Certification.

The Mechanical Joint Integrity course is a 2.5 days lecture come practical course comprising of the following:-

MJI 10 Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques
MJI 18 Hydraulically Tension Bolted Connection Techniques
MJI 19 Hydraulic Torque Bolted Connection Technique Techniques
MJI 10,18&19 combined course

The Mechanical Joint Integrity Competency Testing and Certification takes 1 to 2 days come practical Testing and evaluation comprising of the following:-

TMJI 10 Hand Torque Flange
TMJI 11 Hand Torque Clamp
TMJI 18 Hydraulic Tension Flange
TMJI 19 Hydraulic Torque Flange
TMJI 20 Hydraulic Torque Clamp
TMJI 10,18 &19 Combined assessments
TMJ I0,11,18,19,20 Combined assessments

Please send any e-mail bookings to or call +91.22.6761 9100


Successful candidates are issued the globally recognized "ECITB Certificate of Technical Competence" for standard courses on "Mechanical Joint Integrity".

Employers can selectively choose training content from a selection of disciplines for Management of Joint Integrity:

Training is given by fully certified ECITB Licensed trainers under Approved Training Provider License.

Who Should Attend

Bolting technicians, Supervisors, Inspection Engineers or companies interested in qualifying their bolting technicians & Engineers to minimize the potential for workplace incidents and costly failures, should attend this program.

Successful completion awards the attendee an industry recognized certificate capable of following them throughout their professional career in the field.