Sugar Mill Tube Cleaners

Enclosed System

Enclosed System

Open System

Open System

Flexible Shaft Machine (Electrically Driven)

Flexible Shaft Machine is a self-contained portable unit, mounted on a 3-wheel trolley, fitted with a carrying handle. It incorporates a directly coupled, totally enclosed squirrel cage, 2800 rpm. continuously rated electric motor. Selecting the H.P. of the motor depends upon length and size of Flexible Shaft and nature of scaling. It is controlled by a push button starter which is provided with three thermal adjustable overload relays. Each machine is fully wired, carefully tested and is fitted with a 15-feet length of PVC Cable to main supply. Longer cable can be supplied upon request. Please consult us if your electric supply is different from listed below. Motors for alternate supplies are also available.

Model No. Motor H.P. Speed (RPM) Electric Supply
TC-30 3.0 2800 440V
50 Hz
TC-50 5.0
TC-75 7.5

Enclosed System

Variable Belt Driven Machine (Electrically Driven)

Electric Tube Cleaners with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), facilitates control over speed of motor by varying the frequency as per our requirement. Adjustable speed drive in electro-mechanical drive system to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency. Variable frequency drive used in a drive system have three main sub systems - AC motor, main drive controller assembly and drive operator interface.

35 - 45 1.37" - 1.77" VFD - 30 3 2.26 300 - 5600 5.5 4 100 45 440 V
50 HZ
35 & 45 1.37" - 1.77" VFD - 50 5 3.73 300 - 5600 9 7 110 50
35 & UP 1.37" - UP VBD - 75 7.5 5.59 300 - 5600 14 10 132 50

Flexible Shafts

Flexible Shafts (Drives)

The Flexible Shaft transmits constant torque / power from the motor unit to the tool head or brush within the tube.

Inner Core - is double wound in opposing layers made out of high tensile-spring steel wires and passed through stress relieving process, made to absolute-vibration free performance and continuous duty.
Outer Casing - is flexible, made out of galvanized steel strip and provided with special steel anti-friction lining for the entire length.
Connections - Suitable motor connection at one end and detachable ball bearing hand piece (tool holder) with threaded spindle for tool head or brush at other end.
The size of the flexible shaft is based on internal diameter (I.D.) of the tube. The length of flexible shaft required is the addition of the length of the longest tube plus the distance between the mouth of the tube and the position of the power unit. The power unit should be located so that the flexible shaft be kept as straight as possible.

Inner Core mm (inch) 12 -13 (1/2") 15 - 16 (5/8") 19 - 20 (3/4")
Outer Casing mm (inch) 25 -26 (1") 31 - 32 (1.1/4") 34 - 35 (1.3/8")
Length mtr. Length feet Model Model Model
7.5 25.0 IFS-105-25 IFS-106-25 IFS-107-25
9.0 30.0 IFS-105-30 IFS-106-30 IFS-107-30
10.0 33.0 IFS-105-33 IFS-106-33 IFS-107-33
12.0 40.0 IFS-105-40 IFS-106-40 IFS-107-40
15.0 50.0 IFS-105-50 IFS-106-50 IFS-107-50
18.0 60.0 IFS-105-60 IFS-106-60 IFS-107-60
20.0 65.0 IFS-105-65 IFS-106-65 IFS-107-65
Spare Inner Core Per mtr. IC-105 IC-106 IC-107
Spare Outer Casing Per mtr. OC-105 OC-106 OC-107
Spare Hand Piece HP-105 HP-106 HP-107