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Features of Generation II Series Boiler Tube Expanders

  • Several improvements in the design and manufacture of Boiler Tube Expanders have been pioneered by Powermaster.
  • The New Generation II series Boiler Tube Expanders will outlast any other manufacturers tube expanders! Guaranteed!
  • Powermaster Boiler Tube Expanders are competitively priced due to high production volumes and will offer you the best value for money by a long margin!
  • Powermaster Generation II series Boiler Tube Expanders are the preferred tool of choice at over 3000 companies worldwide!


  • Versatility: POWERMASTER manufactures 12 series of Boiler Tube Expanders. More than any other manufacturer in the world. We have an expander for every conceivable need and every budget.
  • Availability: How often have you heard a manufacturer tell you that they do not have a Boiler Tube Expander on the shelf and quote you a delivery of a few weeks or months. POWERMASTER carries a very large inventory and can service you from stock in most cases.
  • Value: Production volumes ensure that our prices remain competitive. We offer products at a very competitive price.
  • Service: Delivery to your doorstep via courier in 3-4 days - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
  • Quality: Large percentages of our revenues are spent on research and development coupled with field testing make POWERMASTER the preferred choice worldwide.
  • Certification: Powermaster facilities are certified to ISO-9001:2008 by QA Technic. All products manufactured conform to European CE directives.
  • History: You need experience to handle this vast array of products. We have been in the business since 1972!
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