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Features of TCW-09-PC Torque Controller

  • Fully Solid State Design - no moving parts - no wear and tear of parts - no noise - consequently long life.
  • Uses one main circuit board for easy maintenance.
  • Accurately calibrated digital torque settings with a resolution of 1 watt makes torque settings accurate and can be easily reproduced for identical results.
  • Soft start has been provided for all drives. This feature reduces starting currents in the drive. As a result, life of carbon brushes and drive increases.
  • Connected drive is automatically recognised and indicated by means of LED on the torque controller.
  • Trip time adjustable from ( 0 sec to 10 secs.).
  • Adjustable reverse time from ( 0 sec to 90 secs.).
  • Pause time (time interval between cycles) adjustable from (0 sec to 90 secs.)
  • Drive toque adjustable in reverse rotation with surface to set torque.
  • Hand (trigger) mode or foot switch mode, both are available.
  • Expansions can be carried out either in single cycle mode or auto repeat mode.
  • Automatic indication on the display for controllers tripping due to voltage or current fault.
  • Electronic over current protections incorporated for all four drives.
  • Over voltage protection at 275 volts and Under Voltage protection at 180 volts.
  • Supply voltage value displayed during pause time of every auto cycle.
  • Drive current indication given during manual reverse operation.
  • The no. of expansions are stored in the memory and displayed on the panel display at power ON and also whenever the panel is idle.
  • Trip valves are stored in memory after expansion and can be reviewed any time.
  • The trip values can be transferred to PC (Computer) using a single key HANDSET.
  • Using specially developed software, the DATA can be analyzed in statistical terms.
  • It also plots a histogram of No. of tubes verses percentage over-expansions.
  • The Minimum and Maximum supply voltage values observed in the period after last memory RESET, are also displayed.
  • Power consumption of control circuit reduced to 50% which leads to enhanced panel life.
  • Single key HANDSET makes it very easy for the operator to transfer DATA to the computer.
Model No. TCW-09-PC-110 TCW-09-PC-230
Voltage Single Phase 50/60 Hz 110 V 230V
Weight (kg) 7.5 7.5