Special Applications Mini Drill - FM-1625-MD

Features of Special Applications Mini Drill - FM-1625-MD

  • FM-1625 Mini Drill is a unique machining platform designed to be easy to use.
  • The FM-1625-MD helps increase or repair plug thread and other operations on heat exchangers, thermal exchange and boilers equipment.
  • Designed for operator safety in mind, the Mini Drill can ream, bore, drill and re-machine serrations in steam drums rapidly and safely.
  • Tool travel is provided up to a 70 mm (2.75”) travel, this tool is ideally suited for most plant equipments.
  • The system is fully torque reacted with 2 clamping arms that are independent from one another and can accommodate most pitch configurations. Once locked into the tubes, the MD attachment is extremely stable.
  • Easy to replace wall reducing tool with different tube gauge sizes.
  • Machine is portable and can be used directly on the job.
  • Optional pneumatic locking system decreases the cycle time.

Technical Details

Model   FM-1625-MD
Working Range mm 20.0 - 42.0
inch 3/4 - 1.5/8
Locking Range   According to the drawing
Ideal Speed RPM 235
Torque Nm 29
Ft. Lbs 21.38
Air Pressure bar 6
psi 90
Body Width mm 61
inch 2.40
Body Height mm 350
inch 31.77
Weight Lbs 26.6
Kg 12