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Air operated frl unit

It is used to regulate the air pressure and properly lubricate the air motor for ultimate life. The Regulator regulates the inlet air pressure and controls the output torque of pneumatic torque wrench. All pneumatic tools must be used with FRL Unit. It is strongly advised not to exceed the maximum operating pressure as specified in the individual tool certificate.

Features of Air Operated FRL Unit

  • Metallic Cage : The Filter, Regulator, Lubricator and Hose are mounted on a strong handy metallic cage.
  • Calibrated Pressure Gauge : Calibrated 0 - 150 psi pressure gauge for perfect torque output.
  • Regulator Knob : Smooth operating regulator knob for easy setting of pressure, provided with safety lock.
  • Fine Adjustment Knob : Fine adjustment of lubrication for tool available on FRL.
  • Manual Drain : Easy pull type manual drain to clear the water dispenser.
  • Safety Bowl Guard : Polycarbonate bowl guard for safety in case of glass bowl failure.
  • Easy Detachable Bowl : Easy detachable bowl for replenishing the oil / cleaning.
  • Hose : Coiled 3 mtrs hose for easy storage in the cage.
  • Quick Connect Adaptors : FRL comes fitted with quick connect adaptors for easy connection to Tool.

Technical Specifications

Adaptor Size ½ “ BSP
Element Sinter, Bronze (25 micron)
Bowl Capacity 150 ml
Bowl Guard Steel
Pressure Gauge 0 - 150 psi
Diaphrams and Seals Nitrile
Recommended Oil ISO VG 32
Media (inlet air) Compressed Air
Coiled Hose 3 mtrs
Adaptor Size ½ “ BSP
Metallic handy and Portable Wt. 7 Kg. of Complete Assembly