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CAT Series Bolt Tensioner

These 1500 bar working pressure tensioners are specially developed from our Compact series to meet auto retract an ease of operation requirement of wind mill application.


  • Compact Design: The tensioners are designed with smaller dia for ease of tool fitment.
  • Higher Working Pressure: 1500 bar working pressure to generate higher load with smaller hydraulic area of tensioner.
  • Geared Nut Drive: Geared Nut Driver to move the nut faster and with ease using standard Square Drive Wrench.
  • Longer Stroke: Tool is available with standard and long stroke as per application.
  • Alloy Steel Construction: All parts are made from High Strength Alloy Steel better strength and compact. design.
  • Customised Adaptor Kits: CAT series tensioners are available with both tomised adaptor kit.
  • Optional Auto Spring Return: Standard tensioners are available with optional auto spring retraction for fast and easy retraction of piston.
Model Available CAT - 18 To CAT - 42
Bolt Size Available M16 To M42
Max Load 114 kN To 820 kN