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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners Application Pictures
Bolt tensioning is now the preferred method of tightening bolts and studs on all critical applications. Bolt tensioners are designed for operation in a wide variety of applications including pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressor covers, boiler feed pumps, windmills and many others. We provide a comprehensive range of bolt tensioners for optimum solutions to bolt tensioning requirements. Our Bolt tensioners and accessories are CE marked in accordance with Pressure Equipment and Machinery Directives, as applicable. In comparison to traditional tightening methods, tightening with bolt tensioners offers significant advantages:
  • No torsional loading of fasteners
  • Direct loading - no damage to assembly.
  • Easy and fast operation.
  • Very high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Automation feasible and can be used for critical applications.
PST Series Topside Bolt Tensioners
PST Series Topside Bolt Tensioners
TSS Series Sub Sea Bolt Tensioners
PSTS Series Spring Return Bolt Tensioners
For Bolt Size
From (20 mm) 3/4”
To (150 mm) 5.3/4
For Bolt Size
From (M20 mm) 3/4”
To (M85 mm) 3.1/2
For Bolt Size
From (20 mm) 7/8” To (150 mm) 5.3/4”

Wind Mill Bolt Tensioners
From (M16-M18) 5/8"-3/4"
To (M39 M42) 1.3/8"-1.5/8"
Specific Application Bolt Tensioners Air Operated Tensioner Hydraulic
Pump PU-AH-1500

Hand Pump PU-HP-1500 Electric Driven Hydraulic Pump Electric Bolt Tensioner Pump

High Pressure Accessories Application    
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