Controlled Bolting

Powermaster’s has trained and competent field service engineers to undertake all bolting operations and various In-situ machining operations. They are experienced to ensure safe and efficient operations, irrespective of industry or type of application, whether torque or tension. Leak free joints are ensured by ensuring correct load and efficient application methodology. Strong engineering support ensures that both field engineer and client is updated of correct and best possible operational support.

Controlled Bolting

Torque Application

As manufacturer of world-class quality products we provide best service support and tools calibrated to best certification standards. Powermaster can supply hands-on field service engineering and torque equipment for safe and fast bolting needs. Powermaster offers a comprehensive range of torque application services, using vast range of powered torque tools. Hydraulic range of tools , Pneumatic tools or any other type of application tool that suits best for the job is provisioned to ensure required accuracy and consistency necessary for safe, bolted joints.

Bolt / Stud Tensioning

Various industries have highlighted the need to apply accurate bolt loading in a controlled and safe manner. Increasingly we see that this is achieved using hydraulic bolt tensioners. Bolt tensioning offers the ability to tension or de-tension all studs simultaneously. Our wealth of experience is perfectly suited to cope with the wide variation of bolt tensioning applications.

Flange Spreading & Lifting

A leak-free start up is a goal more readily achieved by replacement of worn or damaged gaskets, however, this operation can be time consuming. Moving pipes out of alignment to access gaskets can prove a major task. Highly skilled Powermaster field service engineers can quickly access gaskets using our purpose-built flange spreaders to assess gasket integrity and replace as necessary.

Pipe Alignment

Avoid delays caused by the commonly occurring misalignment of pipe with Powermaster’s flange puller, professionally operated by our field service engineers to quickly orientate pipes and make the connection with a minimum of downtime.

Nut Splitting

Powermaster’s nut splitting service quickly removes seized and corroded nuts, without damage to existing studs, ensuring all deadlines are achieved.

Bolting Software

Powermaster can quickly assess the suitability of equipment to fit particular joints through its bolting calculation software Informate and Boltup, or in more complex cases via the technical support teams based in our regional facilities.

Bolt Tightening Software