In-Situ Machining

On-Site Machining Services

Powermaster’s On-Site, In-Situ Machining Services offer increased plant up-time and safety, while cutting assembly, dismantling and transport costs for refurbishment and maintenance of equipment and plant to a minimum.

Our highly skilled and qualified technicians ensure quality without compromise. Our On-Site machining is comparable to stationary machining for a range of applications direct to your site, including;

  • Pipe Cut and End Prep
  • Flange Facing
  • SPO Compact Flange Machining
  • Milling and Keyway Cutting
  • Portable Thread Milling
  • Drilling Trepanning, Boring and Reaming
  • Journal Turning, Shaft Turning Repair and Tire Grinding
  • Laser Surveying
  • Hot and Cold Tapping
  • Heat Exchanger Services and Boiler Weighing Packages
  • Stud Removal
In-situ Machining In-situ Machining

Pipe/Flange In-situ Machining

  • FM Series - Tube and Pipe Facing Machines.
  • FF Series - Flange Facing Machines.
  • SF Series - Split Frame Machine.
In-situ Machining
Split Frame

Split Frame, Pipe Size 2” to 60”.